Maryland in Manhattan 2020

Maryland in Manhattan 2020

Who's coming as of 07/04/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Sanford Blitzer 1990
Brooke Cabrera 2014
Patricia Carmona 2017
Richard Cohen 1987
James Diercksen 2003
Sean Farrell 2009 Elisa Fisher
Jason Feinstein 1991
Elisa Fisher 2009 Sean Farrell
Daniel Flynn 2003
Jordan Greenberg 2019
Daniel Katz 2004
Cory (Perlowitz, Cory) Krall 2009 Michael Krall
Michael Krall 2009 Cory (Perlowitz, Cory) Krall
David Kushner 1992
David Leviten Missy (Licata) Leviten
Missy (Licata) Leviten 2009 David Leviten
Benjamin Lumsden 2014 Katherine Pepe
Jeffrey Magid 2013 Alison Pastor
Victorio Matias 2012
Jeffrey (Marder, Jeffrey) Mechanick 1981
Amit Mehta 1996 Ruchi Mehta
Ruchi Mehta 2000 Amit Mehta
Alison Pastor 2014 Jeffrey Magid
Katherine Pepe 2014 Benjamin Lumsden
Darren Port 1992
Jake Steinberg 2018
Alan Verostick AlumnIQ

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